Antonette enjoys significant experience in the bespoke beauty and spa spaces. With over 15 years’ experience in cosmetic product development, brand creation and scent science, Antonette works with rare ingredients that result in desirable Australian products rich with beautifying, therapeutic benefits.

“The evocative power of scent offers a surprisingly powerful and complex experience, for all.  It can take one on a journey that allows you to explore the mysterious power of smell through an immersive multisensory experience.  It can evoke memories of special moments in your life that stay with you forever.  Like the smell of fresh cut grass, the embers of a fire smouldering, flowers in full bloom or the smell of the sea.  Scent simply allows a person to reminisce on days gone by, evoking memories.  I’ve a love of beauty and creating an ambiance where people can connect. I feel that Kedis inspires connection on many levels.”


Patti is the inspiration behind many well known brands we hold dear. With deep knowledge in the category of fine wine and bespoke products, Patti’s intention for Kedis is to bring new items of fine quality and high imagination into reality, each to be experienced in all their sensual beauty.

“The sensory is all. Scent, taste, touch – they’re our intimate connections to understanding the world around us. Kedis is an invitation to feel, to experience our world in bright colors. Each capsule collection presents the opportunity to ground you and to entice memory.”

“Light the candle. Let the ritual of wine, fragrance and memory begin….”