With Kedis collection 001 no attention to detail and design is spared, when you come to find out who the Co-founder of kedis is it all makes sense, let me introduce you to Patti Mikedis.

Patti is the inspiration behind many well-known brands, with deep knowledge in the category of fine wine and bespoke products.  Brand identity and meticulous detail is her signature.  Patti’s intention for Kedis is to bring new items of fine quality and high imagination into reality, each to be experienced in all their sensual beauty.

My design style; as most things in life, has been a continuous progression of experience of over 20 years.  After designing and inspiring others, I felt that it was time to establish my own brand and create collections that expresses who I am as a person and allows me to take pleasure in what I am renowned for, design.  Patti is passionate about authentic brand storytelling in the boutique wine and luxury FMCG space, so it really felt like second nature to bring Kedis to life.

So, on a day that seemed like any other, I made a call to Antonette Golikidis a long time friend and asked do you have time for a coffee?

With an idea in mind, a coffee catch-up turned into a glass of wine or two and the seed was planted for developing a brand that would represent the two of us as individuals and as a paring of talent.

Here is where the inception of kedis began and I cannot wait to introduce more capsules in time and continue to collaborate with companies and people who share the kedis vision.

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