Discover Bespoke Luxury Candles

Kedis invites you on a journey into her world of uncompromised beauty, where exquisite luxury candles offer a sensory escape from modern pressures.

Our promise is to source the finest ingredients and hybrid fragrances to create luxury scented candles that envelop the senses and elevate any space. Celebrating bespoke collections, we pair with fine artists, winemakers, ceramicists and designers to breathe aromatic life into covetable decor.

Kedis Candles, Melbourne Made, Globally Inspired

Discover the alluring olfactory experience of Kedis for yourself or gift our limited-edition soy wax candles to a special someone. We unearth stories by curating experiences. Each Kedis candle has been created to evoke desire and enhance memory, offering affordable indulgence in an exquisitely elegant vessel.

For we believe that the idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will…